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Everybody makes mistakes. That’s just part of being human. But, sometimes, it’s hard to move on, even though we all know that dwelling on the past keeps us from moving forward. Sometimes, you just need to unburden yourself.


That’s what this site is for. Choose the category that best fits whatever it is that is keeping you stuck in the past, and for just one dollar you will receive a pep talk and resource recommendations to help get you back in the present, which is the only moment in which you have the power to effect change. I have based these pep talks and resources on my years of experience as a life coach, and also as a human being who has made her own share of bad decisions over the years. When I was born, there were only three billion people on the planet, and now there are more than seven billion human beings on earth. That makes me older, and hopefully at least a little wiser, than over half of the world’s population. I have spent way too much time in my life beating myself up for not being perfect, so that is not what this site is about. It is a place for you to face up to the things you know you need to change, and to get a little guidance so you don’t keep doing the same stupid stuff over and over again. Making mistakes is one thing, but making the same mistakes over and over creates unnecessary suffering and drama in your life. You have better things to do with your time than that.

The good news is that you aren’t in denial or you wouldn’t be checking out this website. Awareness of our own role in creating our problems is the first step to changing them. By acknowledging that you made an unwise choice, you free yourself up to learn and grow from the experience. Over time, if you apply yourself, you will be less likely to do harm to yourself or others.


As long as we are on the subject, it isn’t really possible to separate the bad choices that hurt you from the bad choices that hurt others. For example, when you lie to others, you don’t just hurt them. You hurt yourself because you know deep down that you are compromising your own integrity and if you do it enough you can create a source of chronic anxiety that is hard to place because you didn’t realize that chipping away at your integrity bit by bit would create so much inner conflict. On the other hand, if you think nobody else gets hurt when you do harm to yourself, think again. Everyone who loves you, or even likes you, is hurt when you do things that don’t serve you. They might not tell you about it, but they can’t help but feel sad, or worried, or who knows what, if you are reckless with your health or unkind to yourself in other ways.


Let’s face it. Interconnectedness is part of being human. So going forward, try to think of yourself and others as equals. You don’t need to look up to anyone as superior to you, nor should you look down on anyone. Instead, think of looking everyone in the eye as your equal. When you do that, you already will have begun to change some of your less than ideal behaviors because when we see each other as equals, that is the same thing as offering respect. When we respect ourselves and we respect others, we tend to be kinder, gentler and wiser in the ways we think, speak, and behave. This leads to more intimate, fulfilling relationships, and even inner peace.


Please come back another day. There is a lot of work being done to get this site up and running. Until then, do your best.